August 4, 2021

Why Landscaping Companies Invest in Case Equipment

Landscaping companies and groundskeeping service providers work to keep commercial properties pristine and inviting for their clients. They are also responsible for engineering public spaces, developing parks, golf courses, and developing country club grounds, among hundreds of other industries. With all the variety involved, landscaping companies need an expansive fleet of heavy duty equipment, and this is why Case equipment dealerships for landscaping companies are incredibly popular. Here are some reasons why commercial landscaping companies buy Case equipment to complete their construction fleet. 

Case Equipment Dealerships are Conveniently Located

One of the biggest perks of investing in Case equipment is that there are so many dealerships located all over the United States. This is ideal because it means that in the event you need repairs, spare parts, or rentals, you don’t have to travel far. And when it comes time for routine maintenance, your Case equipment dealership is not but a stone’s throw away. For example, Sonsray Machinery is a respected Case equipment provider with the largest number of dealerships on the entire west coast. They have Case construction dealerships all over southern California, northern California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. For this reason alone, a large number of landscaping firms invest in Case equipment for that peace of mind. 

Case Equipment Comes with the Best Technicians in the Industry

Nordstroms is known far and wide for offering the best customer service, across all department stores. For example, you can literally buy a crystal vase over a year ago, drop it, and take the shattered remains into the store with no receipt, and they will give you a refund or do an exchange. They set the gold standard. In the construction equipment industry, Case equipment is known for having the best techs that offer a service next to none. Every single person who performs repairs and maintenance is not just a mechanic; they are certified Master Technicians–a title one earns after passing rigorous tests, and they are only trained on Case equipment. With Master Technicians servicing your Case equipment, you can rest assured knowing your backhoes, excavators and dozers will be in top running order thus ensuring your projects are on task to be completed. 

Case Equipment has a History of Innovation

Who do you respect more, a line of wheels or the inventor of the wheel? Case equipment was founded on innovation. In the 40s a water utility from Massachusetts requested a piece of construction equipment that could perform three tasks previously only known possible by three separate machines. This is why Case equipment is a favorite amongst landscaping companies–Case invented the world’s first backhoe and are therefore a pioneering force in the industry.