April 20, 2021

Pollution, The Main Enemy Of Human Beings

At present, caring for the environment has become fundamental and important in any sector from small businesses to large companies, passing through schools and at home, this It is because thanks to countless events and inventions that have recently emerged, the planet has affected the planet as we knew it in its beginnings, pollution has taken place on anything else we can imagine, now the beaches in those that we vacation, the oceans in which we sail are polluted due to the little care we have paid to the environment in recent times. It is precisely for this reason that many businesses from a dentist in Tijuana to the owner of a restaurant are worrying about taking measures that may be useful for caring for the environment.

But, even with all this in mind, we might wonder what is the point of caring for the environment? Well, very simple, it is extremely important to take care of the environment because if we do not do it we can be quite affected, not only ourselves but everything that surrounds us, which in the end we need us and therefore it is very important to look for ways in which we can take care of the environment as much as possible. 

What examples of impacts do we have?

Well, I think that among the main and most visible to all of us we can put the beaches, the beach water is polluted, because large companies have decided to leave their waste in them and the fact that many people throw away their waste there individually or simply when they take a walk with the family and do not collect their garbage when leaving, all these types of actions have managed to have great repercussions in places that were previously really beautiful and although today we still enjoy the beautiful landscapes that these offer us, it is still really incredible the change that was present in these wonderful places when they were totally clean and without any trace of contamination until today that not only do we see dirty water, but we can even find garbage or debris floating in the water. 

Animals are another of the great consequences of pollution, especially marine animals, many species are trapped in garbage such as the plastics that hold soda or beer cans, species such as fish and whales consume large amounts of garbage by confusing them with food, this ends up resulting in their death or the loss of parts of their body. 

And unfortunately this is not only left here, but we humans are also affected by this type of situation, because even in our streets we can find garbage, the air we breathe is polluted, and it is only in our hands to achieve that this situation changes and that at some point we find ourselves on a clean planet without any other kind of problems.

We need to start taking responsibility for our actions, caring about the planet is caring about ourselves, because only here we can live, and only if we take care of our environments we can have a happy and healthy life.