August 4, 2021

How Residents Find the Best Solar Company San Jose has to Offer

San Jose, CA is known for its massive number of solar homes, and the rising frequency of residential solar panel investments. As a main hub for those who work in Silicon Valley, San Jose is home to neighborhoods of innovative residents that invest in cost-saving methods for improving their lifestyle. This leads to one simple fact: the higher the demand for a product or service, the more providers there are. Not only does this increase business competition, it also provides a challenge for homeowners who are looking for the best solar company San Jose has to offer. That said, this article is intended to help homeowners locate the best solar companies San Jose has on the map. 

The Best Solar Company San Jose has Offers a Free Estimate with a Savings Forecast

When investing in a big ticket item as a way to improve your lifestyle, it is only natural to get an idea as to when that investment will pay off. A solar company San Jose provider like Solar Optimum will come to your home, analyze your utility bill over the last few years, examine energy consumption, measure your roof, and provide you with a quote on the perfect solar system designed to lower your bills, increase the resale value of your San Jose home, and give you an estimate for how long it will take for your solar panels investment to pay for itself. 

Solar Panel Warranties in San Jose

When most people searching for a solar company San Jose provider look at available warranties, they automatically think that 10 years is a gold standard. But it isn’t. The average homeowner in San Jose spends 18 years in their house before moving on. This means a 10 year warranty is virtually worthless, as it barely covers half the time you are likely to spend in your home. Insteads, don’t settle for a solar panel warranty that’s shorter than 25 years, as not only will this time frame cover your entire stay in the home, but it will even roll over to the next homeowner, and this factor will increase your resale value. 

In addition, your solar panel warranty should cover more than just the panels but a number of other critical things that have a direct impact on your savings. These should include:


  • Racking
  • Roof
  • Performance guarantee
  • Inverter
  • Workmanship


The last thing you need is for lackluster work to be done that causes ruptures, holes and other types of damage to your roof. By the time you notice a leaking roof, the water will have already likely caused rot, mold and it can even cause severe structural damage that requires thousands of dollars to make the necessary repairs. In worse case scenarios, a new roof is required. Unfortunately, the homeowner is left to pay for the repairs. This is why it is crucial to find the best solar company San Jose offers–one that covers any damage to the roof, and other critical components.