August 4, 2021


One of the most reliable economic incomes in Mexico is tourism; this has allowed the country to position itself among the most visited places in the world. The extensive variety of activities offered by this Latin American country has caused foreign tourists, mainly from Europe and parts of the United States, to visit the country.

Mexico is a territory with different climates and ecosystems. Definitely one of the coarsest at global level, and is that within this region we can find desert landscapes, located mainly in the area of the north, forests, especially south of the nation, forests in the central part and, definitely, several cities bordering areas close to the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Sea of Cortez. Also, within this nation, it is possible to enjoy activities related to nature and extreme adventure.

The natural tourism or sustainable tourism is characterized because the activities that are carried out have as purpose to take advantage of the natural resources of the region to help the economy and protection of the zone. In recent years, the boom that has caused this type of tourism has allowed the increase of the economy in the country and is that the fact of being able to be in direct contact with nature, is something that attracts much attention to national and international tourists.

For the Mexican territory, ecotourism is one of the most offered types of tourism; this is due to all the products, services, and recreational activities provided by this variant of tourism. Since they live within a natural territory that, in many cases, is protected by SEMARNAT, it is possible to glimpse animals that are only found within that area. It is possible to observe the natural state of fauna, such as turtles, whales, and birds. One of the purposes of allowing humans to know the protected areas is to educate humans to take care of the entire ecosystem.

It is common that, in these territories, only a certain number of people are allowed, as it is essential to maintain the balance between nature and contact with humans. The activities carried out within these enclosures must respect and conserve natural and cultural resources. Human contact with nature must be short because the aim is to take care of the environment, having a minimal impact.

At present, it is estimated that there are approximately 1900 companies that offer this type of tourism. It is necessary to emphasize that many of them only operate by seasons, mainly those where it is possible to have higher economic income and where a unique experience can be offered to the tourist.  Therefore, if you want to live an experience full of adventures and in contact with the natural mother, you can stay in hotels near natural areas, either in areas of abundant jungle or forest or in those regions close to the sea such as Puerto Peñasco resorts.