August 4, 2021

Eco-friendly Dresses

Many people look for evening dresses in San Antonio for special occasions and often find the prettiest dresses that make them look great at the events. However on many occasions and more recently many women are having conflict with the dresses, because it has been discovered all kinds of affectations that exist in the textile companies and how they cause polluted by the enormous quantities of clothes that are manufactured. 

When it comes to clothes that are worn daily there is not so much conflict, because you know that it is clothes that you are going to give a good use and that will be used constantly, however there are other types of occasions in which there is a little more conflict, because for example dresses for formal occasions are usually only used once for one occasion and then are not used again. This leads many women to have some charge of conscience to know all the damage that the manufacture of a simple dress is going to do to the ecosystem

All this has led to today, as with almost everything, there is a more environmentally friendly option and this is the manufacture of eco-friendly clothing. These are made with recycled materials. A successful case of this type of ideas is that of designer Margarita Mileva, who has used objects such as rubber, clips, cables and ribbons among many others, to create a wide variety of dresses made from 100% recycled materials. 

The designs are quite innovative and beautiful and certainly can be used in any type of events, however we are not really accustomed to this type of clothing and therefore there may be some reluctance to use a dress made with recycled materials, however we are already reaching a point where awareness of the pollution and damage being suffered by the planet is no longer even an option, now is a responsibility, so we have to do everything that is in our hands, no matter that it is not to our total liking or that we do not feel 100% comfortable with the idea, in the end the satisfaction that we are doing something right will be much better than any kind of action that we can do and we generate a satisfaction, when at the end of the day the damage it will cause on the planet will end up hurting us and making us feel much worse. 

It is important that we be aware from this moment of the problems that exist on the planet and that we begin to take actions that help us to avoid the consequences of our acts of truth no longer have any kind of remedy and we have to suffer them, because until then we will think of everything we could have done, but for one thing or another we decided not to do. So let’s not let this happen and let’s look for all the possible ways from now on, no matter how difficult they may seem, in the end we will realize that it’s the best.