August 4, 2021

Eco Friendly Dentistry

Surely you’ve noticed that now almost everything damages the environment, many actions we used to do on a regular basis, today we realize that they are not as harmless as we thought, but rather harm our planet without us realizing, and are things so simple, for example we can think of something as simple as spraying our hair when combing, we had no idea how much we were damaging the environment with this action that seems so simple. Other types of actions such as simply driving, the traffic this that is such a simple action is what has been most responsible for polluting the earth and damaging it to levels that we cannot even imagine. That’s why it’s totally normal that today we find ourselves looking for the best ways to do things without damaging our planet and avoid causing any kind of damage to it.

And this applies to absolutely everything, from the simplest things to the most complicated things, many people have taken on the task of leading a 100% ecologically responsible life in order to become part of this great change that is trying to take place on the planet to make it a better place for everyone. And among the things that have been tried to change is dentistry. People know that visiting the dentist, getting check-ups and even treatments on the teeth is something that cannot be avoided, which has to be done if you want to lead a healthy and comfortable life, so taking care of the teeth is something that will have to be done throughout life, so it is best to do it in the most appropriate way and especially in a way that damages as little as possible to our planet, because no doubt that is also something that can be done in an ecologically friendly way. And it is something we do not know because there is not really much information about it, but it is certainly a reality. 

Ecological dentistry is this new way of taking care of our teeth while caring for the planet, this is also known as green dentistry and refers to all dental services and treatments that use technologies, procedures and materials that support the environment combined with minimally invasive dentistry services. On the other hand it also includes technological innovations specially created to reduce the amount of waste and pollution to the environment. And in this field of dentistry there are many constant innovations, one of them is a biodegradable coating for dental implants Tijuana that is ideal for people who do not have bone and therefore have been unable to undergo dental implant treatment. The best thing about this is that it helps them to do it at the same time that it avoids at any cost that some type of damage exists towards our planet. 

So now you know, taking care of your teeth does not necessarily mean that there has to be some kind of damage on the planet, but now thanks to advances in dentistry and technology you can do it being environmentally friendly.