August 4, 2021

Disinfect masks to prevent them from ending up on the street

The use of masks nowadays has become a necessity, mainly because it is a method of protection that prevents the respiratory tract and mouth from being in direct contact with the air or with those people who may suffer from some disease as the coronavirus is today. Due to the boom that this element has had, many people have been buying these utensils regularly, but lately, it has been observed that many of them end up in the streets, thus causing more contamination.

So the method that has helped us to be protected from germs has damaged the ecosystem, so it is essential that instead of buying these products constantly, we better choose to disinfect and reuse them. Another reason why we should choose to sanitize them better is that the excessive consumption of this product has caused them to run out, putting in difficulties those health specialists such as doctors and dentists Tijuana.

The need to be protected has also caused many people to choose to create their fabric-based masks; the problem with this is that all masks must filter so that the air we breathe is not so harmful. Therefore, the disinfection of mask covers is more necessary today than ever before.

Disinfection of cloth masks

There are no particular recommendations to sanitize this type of material, it is mentioned that washing in the washing machine is more than enough, but to be calmer, we can opt for the recommendations that are established for the cleaning of clothes in infected people. This stipulates that clothes should be washed at a temperature of 60 to 90 degrees for about thirty minutes.

N95 mask

These filtering masks are usually used by people involved in the health area. They can prevent the passage of micro-particles. Depending on the type of mask, there is different protection, between 70 to 98% protection. Although this type of N95 mask is for single use only, many researchers have been testing whether it is possible to disinfect them, thus avoiding excess contamination.

Although several tests have been carried out, with heat, ultraviolet light, and hydrogen peroxide vapor, one of the best has been with the weather as there has been no alteration in the mask filter, at a temperature of 75 degrees. This disinfection procedure, especially of these masks, must be carried out under a particular process and in a specific place. Doctors or specialists cannot take the mask away to disinfect it at home.


  • The special masks are only recommended for people who interact with infected patients and for people who have the virus. If not, it is sufficient to use a fabric mask containing a filter that can be washed in the washing machine. If there is a fear of contagion, compliance with protective protocols is sufficient. Wash your hands regularly and do not interact with people as much.
  • Many specialists also choose to disinfect masks with steam above one hundred degrees, allowing bacteria to be killed.
  • Please do not use temperature above 100 degrees as there may be alterations in their shape.
  • They should not be sanitized with alcohol, much less with chlorine.

These recommendations will help us avoid continually buying masks and leave the special masks for the doctors. This will also help prevent contamination from this product.